Visually informed by the stark, impressive landscape of the Norwegian Lofoten region, this film looks at two individuals, a young man and a young woman, both have a powerful relationship with the ocean.
The young man Siddhartha is a travelling surfer searching for meaning and trying to understand what makes him the way he is. Drawn by the immense beauty and power of the ocean he uses his surfboard to interact with something elemental and pure. This in turn seems to have an effect on his inner visions and he begins to see how nature can fill in for some of the role models he might be missing.
Linn is a local Norwegian sailor and fishes for a living. She takes pride in her families traditions and ponders familiar myths about the ocean. She is driven to provide for her young children.

The film presents darkness, fear, and extending past your comfort zone as something with inherent value. Something we can analyse and use in our understanding of ourselves. It aims to show how the characters are developing their relationship with these parts of themselves.

Siddhartha Scherrmann Barbosa & Linn Eirin Angelsen, Aksel Johan & Adam Olai & Henrikke Everine Krogh Kristensen

Directed by
Sean Fee

Cinematography by
Gabriel Koller

Underwater Camera
Hallvard Kolltveit

Music by
Lawrence Greenwood

Sounddesign & Final Mix by
Robert Buechel at JingleJungle

Simon Hardegger

Pascal Duschletta

Associate Producer
Christian Simon at Girdit Media

Executive Producer
Lea Fee

Poster Art by Isabella Furler

Credit Illustrations by
John Gibson from „Monsters of the Sea“ (1887)

Gear Support by
Dominik Orth at Canon Switzerland
Eberle Equipment
Mario Stucki at Dimpora

Special Thanks to
Kristoffer Åsheim at Storyline NOR
Ann-Carin Hanssen & Thor-Olav Kristensen
Terje Amundsen
Selma Sjöstedt
Studio Vintage Zürich