Nebukadnezzar - Trailer 2012




Join Max on a journey through the ups and downs of life as he's yanked from the familiarity of city living, tossed into an environment that mirrors his own inner struggles.

Lost and alone, Max faces the raw challenge of survival in a place that offers little comfort. The key to his salvation may lie in shedding his fears and embracing the strange circumstances surrounding him.

Witness the transformation of a man who discovers he's got nothing left, realizing that what once held importance for him is now insufficient. His steadfast beliefs, once seemingly radical, now pose their own threat as he grapples with a reality that challenges the conventional notions of safety and sensibility.

As Max presses on, it becomes clear that he's developing a profound awareness of nature, and, interestingly, nature is reciprocating the attention. The journey unfolds as a humble exploration of self, revealing the stark contrast between today's world and the truth and clarity inherent in nature. Dive into Max's experience to see how this adventure reshapes his perspective.

Written and Directed by - Sean Fee
DOP - Aaron Fee

Jean Martin as Max
Laura Soares as Maxine
Sabrina Machado as Cindy
Howard Dillon as Jeeves
Lea Fee as Natura

Produced by - Rowan Burkam, Sean Fee and Jean Martin
Executive Producers - Giovanni Netzer and Philipp Buhler

Sound Design by - Mike Mori
Music by - Lorenz Dangel
Prop Stylist - Lea Fee
Production Assistant - Carla Engler
Costume Design by - Brittany Wacher and Deborah Sabet
Color Grading by - Aaron Fee
Edited by - Sean Fee